Thursday, December 20

Pretty My Party Guest Post: Emerald Green New Year's Eve Party Inspiration

Thursday, December 20
Hi Everyone! So sorry for the lull in posting. What can i say life happened and things have been super busy ever since thanksgiving hit. In between finishing up corporate parties, and attending networking events all this month, I've also been busy re-doing our living room/family room, hosting events at home, and also planning for 2013. To add to the merriment, I've also had the privilege to meet and start working with 2 new amazing and incredibly talented ladies who are joining me this new year as interns. 

Marilyn is a local NJ momma of 2 who is also a Holistic food blogger over at her own blog Holistic-ish, Amy is an NJ event planning enthusiast with experience in planning events, and with extensive college schooling in the field.  I'm so excited about working with them this upcoming year <3. Complete bios about them and pics to come soon. 

Aside from that I've also been very happy and excited to share that I am now a  contributing writer/ guest blogger over at Today's Mama - NJ, and Pretty My Party . I'm so excited about working with the other amazing women who contribute to these fabulous sites and also the 2 women behind them Cristy & Shannon.  I can wait to share with you some great ideas and themes for 2013, and would also love to hear what you're interested in exploring/reading about. Please email me if you have something you want to see on there! 

Below is my first guest post on Pretty My Party, and would absolutely love if you could let me know what you think about Emerald Green as the new color choice for 2013. Do you like it? Do you hate it? How would you incorporate it in your events or interior decor? Can wait to hear your ideas also :)

Here it is 

Hi everyone, Stefanie here bringing you some glamorously chic, emerald green party inspiration for your New Year’s soiree-throwing this year. With Pantone announcing Emerald Green as the official color for 2013, many of you are looking for ways to incorporate this bold, new color into your celebrations this holiday season. With emerald green being so widely used during Christmas time, it’s an easy and great color to use “transitionally” into a New Year’s celebration, while also re-purposing some of your Christmas decorations in the process.
Aside from pops of green re-emerging in recent years, such as, Kelly greens, neon greens, and most recently mint greens, emerald green, like its contemporaries surged into popularity during the 1950s and 60s when Hollywood starlets like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor wore the color with glamour and style. Since then, emerald green has remained a “color staple” associated with luxury, status, and high end classic style (think Carrie’s fashion number in the movie Sex and The City, and Isla Fisher’s iconic emerald green scarf in Confessions of a Shopaholic, as “the girl in the Green Scarf”).
Classic Emerald Green Meets Modern Style

Emerald green is a timeless hue associated with classic sophistication, status, and prosperity. Making it perfect to ring in the New Year with. Here are a few ways you can get your emerald on this New Year’s.
Emerald, Mint and Gilded Gold

Invitation by Elsie J Prints Cookies via Pinterest
First, it can be daunting trying to incorporate such a bold color into a party space without fearing that it can be too overpowering. You can creatively incorporate emerald green into your party d├ęcor by mixing in classic neutrals like black and white, or ivory, allowing the emerald to pop and thus eliminating an overpowering effect when bold colors have to compete.
If you want to incorporate some of the current color trends with the new, incorporate gold and mint as accent colors. I love how Amber Carson Events on Inspired by This used black and white and pops of green at the dinner table with shiny touches of gold, to achieve an elegant and updated, classic look.

Vases from Mama Lisa’s Cottage | Small cakes via The Party Dress | Gilded flower dress viaPostcards and Pretties | Cootie Catcher via Pinterest.
Accessorize the dinner table or dessert buffet with lovely emerald green vases or vessels. If not, stain clear glasses or vases by following this easy tutorial on Curbly.
Next, place beautiful artificial gold flowers inside the vases or use lovely black and white anemones. Instead of a regular cake, serve up small individual sized cakes at each place setting with a whimsical toy clock inside. Lastly, place a fun countdown cootie catcher (Origami Fortune Teller) on each chair to keep guests entertained.
See the rest of the article here over at Pretty My Party. 
What do you think? Will Emerald be a hit or miss



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  1. LOVE the Emerald! So excited this is the Pantone color for 2013! Love the classic dress on Elizabeth Taylor especially! Thanks for the beautiful inspirations!


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