Wednesday, June 29

DIY Business Association Conference

Wednesday, June 29
This past Sunday I had the honor of assisting Founder + CEO Amy Schroeder of the DIY Business Association, with her inaugural kick-off conference held in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY. The conference took place at The Dumbo Lofts right next to the Manhattan bridge. 

The conference was divided between the loft and the Etsy headquarters. The energy + inspirations of all of the 200 guests from all over NYC and the country was electrifying!

Eleanor Templeton Photography captured the entire day beautifully. While I wait for the full set of pictorials to share from her - here is a sneak peak. 

A special thank you to Amy for the opportunity to serve you as your Associate Event Coordinator + all of the 14 AMAZING volunteers who made this event happen Amber, Anjali, Erin, Frieda, Jamie, Jeb, Jen, Julie, Kirstyn, Kristen, Laura, Marti, and Tisha. 

I made these DIY letters from foam board and yarn. It took me about 2 hours each  to cover them completely in yarn. But well worth it since it brought just the right warmth + decor to the industrial space.
Outside entrance 
DIY Yarn Flower Pom Pom centerpiece.
I've been dying to have an excuse to use yarn +  mason jars in a modern, effortless, + minimalist way...
So I upcycled sphaghetti sauce jars, yarn and flower twine.
Attendees divided up into specialty incubator groups to talk about their industry needs + to network. 

I made these table signs to add variety to the tables using the DIYBA logo.
 It's minimalist + unobtrusive since a lot of activity would be taking place at the tables. 

The programming of the conference was phenomenal and a-must-blog! Stay tuned for my next post where I'll share all of my notes + profiles of the wonderful new businesses/people I met there. As well as Tips on How To Seamlessly Plan + Execute Large Scale Events. 

For more information on the DIY Business Association + their upcoming conferences. 
Check them out here or on FB.

With all my party love, 

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