Tuesday, July 19

A Bambi Inspired Party

Tuesday, July 19
I've been thinking about new + fresh party theme ideas lately + have been secretly wanting to plan a Bambi party for a long time! Since I haven't had the opportunity yet +  summer is going to start to wane next month -  I thought it would be cool to show those of you planning a baby shower or children's party in the fall what I've been dreaming up for one :).

Although this theme would be perfect for next spring too, I think it would look really beautiful for a fall party, I guess because of the close proximity to Christmas + deers.  What I love about this theme is that it's perfect for a gender neutral (or gendered) baby shower because of the movie story line of Bambi being born + later having his own 2 little fawns at the end.

1. Plush Fawn: Perfect as part of a centerpiece or just to have grazing around the party space on top of a plastic grass mat. This plush fawn is available by Blue Bird 65 for $35.

2. Fawn Invite: 

You can't have a Bambi inspired party without a "Bambi" invitation. I really like the look of this one by Delightful Prints for only $10. 

If you really want to make it stand out when guests receive it, use a brown envelope, and poke a pair of antlers on the front of the envelope to make it look like a deer. I like the idea of wood sticks from outside since they'll hold up transit.   

3. Bambi Inspired Dress: 

This dress is particularly cool for a baby shower. For the host, or for momma deer to wear herself to the party. You can dress up this chic + modern Bambi dress by StreetFSN by Nam with a pair of blue or yellow suede pumps. 

4. Fawn Silhouette Pillow: 

This pillow exudes just the right amount of understated chic-ness and modern, by Kids Love Design for $55. You can use it to dress up the sofas, the guest of honor chair, or for the kids to lounge around in. Best part it will look great with any decor once the party is over! 

5. Cupcake or Cupcake Pop Picks: 

I love these cupcake toppers from Best Paper Supplies. You get 12 for $7.99. For little hands I think hands down cupcakes are the best option. For a baby shower I like the idea of cake pops, because you can really emphasis the word "pop" cleverly with any signage you may use. 

6. A Retro Bambi Movie Poster: 

Perfect to hang over the cake or dessert buffet, and to later adorn your baby or child's wall. Not to mention if you get a real one it can be worth a lot of money once JR goes to college! I found this one via Google Images. 

7. Reusable Snack Sack: 

Every party I do I've noticed I become just a little bit greenier. Thankfully this reusable snack sack by REKEMDesigns for $4.12, made out of material let's me do that. It makes a great favor they can later use for crayons. I recommend putting "edible antlers" in there or pretzels! 

8. "Thumper" Candle Pillars: 

I love these bunny pillars from The Little Big Company. You can put real pillars or glow sticks, or ultra large candy canes in your color scheme for guests to munch on...or better yet carrots the real kind or made out of sugar. The possibilities are endless for these. 

9. Fawn Decals: 

Dress up the party space and later re-position them in your child's room or nursery. These are from Y Living 

Hope you enjoyed the Bambi Party Inspiration.


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