Tuesday, November 29

Real Party: Carissa Lawson News 12 NJ Once Upon A Time Princess 1st Birthday

Tuesday, November 29
This month we had the honor of helping Carissa Lawson of News 12 New Jersey with her daughter Briella's first birthday. Carissa contacted me a month before the party while I was still on bed rest from a surgery, and although I was on a temporary hiatus - I just couldn't say no to this amazing opportunity! Carissa found about The Petite Soiree through our Baby Lifestyles feature for my daughter's Sleeping Beauty Princess Party. You can see the original Sleeping Beauty Party this party is inspired by clicking here. We're proud to say that the party was featured on News 12 in the morning by Carissa herself a week after the party, on Friday, November 19th! Carissa loved all of the curated items in the sleeping beauty party so a rental made the most sense given the short time frame. We coupled the rental items with customized pieces like stationary and signage created with Desiree of Paper Candee
 Welcome Sign 
Graphics + Graphic Design by Paper Candee.
Custom Welcome Sign Concept + Layout Design by The Petite Soiree
Easel + Frame Rental by The Petite Soiree 

Welcome Table
Custom Blocks graciously provided by Jamie of MonthMarkers.
Lattice BackBoard, Pink Linen, Welcome Book, Handmade Pillow,
Ostrich Feather Pen, Gold Table Crown, + Castle with Base
all Made + Designed by The Petite Soiree 

Welcome Book 
Welcome Book Graphics by Paper Candee,
Design Concept by The Petite Soiree inspired by the Sleeping Beauty Guestbook Insert.
Book Curated + Customized by The Petite Soiree 

Table Sign 
A custom table sign customized the guest tables 
+ added a bit of regal flair.
Graphics by Paper Candee

Book Mark Favor 
Book Marks over each place setting practically decorated the  setting + tied in the storybook theme perfectly.
The doily + clear place setting mimicked the tablescape  designed for the Sleeping Beauty Party.
Graphics + Graphic Design by Paper Candee. 
Bookmark Concept + Layout Design by The Petite Soiree.   

Flower Centerpiece Round 
Carissa wanted to jazz up the flower centerpieces she ordered from an outside floral company - so Paper Candee and I  worked to create a cohesive round floral pick that tied in seamlessly + enhanced the rest of the stationary on the table. 
Assembled by The Petite Soiree 

We set up all of the linens, chair covers, + sashes for the party in about 30 minutes! 
Thanks to my amazing production crew!
 Carissa did a great job of securing white satin table covers + pink sashes that coordinated nicely with the pink satin runner of the Royal Dining Table. 

Pia of Cake Pop Fusion graciously donated 40 beautiful + delicate cake pops in the matching color scheme of the party.

Cake Pops at every place setting!

Overview of the Entire Party Space
We assisted with spatial planning for the venue during our initial site survey, layout advice, + styling advice on how to make the best use of the space by masking problem areas + creating distinctive focal points.  

Children's Table
Children enjoyed the hand made coloring books with custom jackets I hand made for the party.
 Paper Candee designed a beautiful coloring book cover to coordinate.
Keisha of Cupcake Wishes + Birthday Dreams provided the beautiful yarn pom pom garland over the fireplace.
We provided the play tent rental for children to play + pretend in. We also assisted Carissa in picking up all outside rental furniture for the event like the children's table + chairs shown. As well as providing styling advice on the color + feel the children's table should have to go with the rest of the party. 

Close up of the handmade yarn garland  

Coloring Books reading 
"The Fairy tale Story of Princess Briella and her Royal Court"

Don't have a big budget for a fancy kids' table centerpiece?
We used the plain white cartons inside a large set of 48 crayons, dispersed + aligned - for a  practical + simple centerpiece.

  Briella's Royal Throne 
We provided the rental of the custom throne backboard, metal gold leaf chair, hand sewn pillow back pillow, and 2 loyal lions which regally flanked + protected the beloved little princess. 

The Royal Dining Table
Goblets, glass plates, doilies, centerpiece, pink satin runner, +  guest of honor chair - all  curated, designed + rented by
The Petite Soiree. 

Real Glass Goblets + Plates, Rentals by The Petite Soiree 

Centerpiece Designed + Curated by The Petite Soiree.
Bunting Banner Designed by Paper Candee. 

Flower Crown + Handmade Pillow provided by The Petite Soiree 

Staff  + Handmade pillow provided by The Petite Soiree 

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Briella!

Crown + Hand Made Pillow Design + Rental 
Provided by The Petite Soiree 

High Chair Skirt, Velvet Cover + Chair Rental 
by The Petite Soiree 

Dessert Buffet
Jacquard Fabric Backboard + Gold Cake Stand by The Petite Soiree.
Diaper Cake on the right graciously provided by Michelle of Embellished Babycakes.
Dessert Buffet Desserts + Tabletop Styling provided by
CW Distinctive Designs 

The gold cake stand + cake design was inspired by - and mimicked our past Sleeping Beauty Cake for an extra special regal touch. 
Our jacquard backboard with hues of pink, white, brown, + lilac coordinated perfectly with the table + also shielded some of the direct sunlight. 

 Royal Vendor Table 
We created a vendor table area to showcase our amazing vendors business information. 
The Petite Soiree Team with Carissa Lawson!
This is the best team anyone could ask for!
Thank you for your help + hard work:
 Dee, Donovan, Eddie, Eliana, Gisella (All Photography), Irving, Jamani, Jaime + Mara 

Carissa + I!
Incredibly sweet + down to earth.
I loved seeing her + Briella's reaction when they saw all of the party details pulled together.
I live for that! Really the reason why I love my job soo much!

Check out Carissa every morning on News 12 NJ or follow her news feeds live on Facebook 

All of the items provided by The Petite Soiree + other coordinating items in our Sleeping Beauty Party
 are available for rent for your next soiree!

With all my party love, 


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