Thursday, December 1

Trend Thursday: Neon Party Decor

Thursday, December 1

  80s neon is back but a little bit cooler than I remember it. Whether its using traditional neon on neon, neon on neutral - for a more upscale chic look - or glow in the dark neon there are so many ways to incorporate this trend for a fresh new bold look at your next soiree. here are a few ways to tastefully highlight your party!

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The first thing you have to do is make sure that the colors are in fact neon. Regular bright yellow and neon yellow can be fairly close. An easy way to make sure its neon is to hold up your highlighters up against the shade you're considering.  

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Spray paint traditional statues, vessels, and vases in neon. For an added designer flair mix in metals like gold (another popular trend on the rise) or silver. I love how this elephant uses neon-on neon in a great dose, with the pink neon as the base and the yellow neon as an accent. 

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For a more sophisticated look neon on neutral is harmonious without being overpowering. I love the use of diy brown bag flowers, white as a base, + pink neon as the accent. 

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For a more fun + upbeat use of neon trend - incorporating glow in the dark - black light neon, or neon lights can really make a space fun for children + teenagers. 
How clever is it to pop a glowstick in a lantern instead of a candle? Or using those super neon bright poster boards for a bright bunting banner!

image via katie greiner 
Don't have time to make your neon bunting banner? Hop over to Katie Greiner.

image via pinterest 
This neon wall sign would be perfect as decor over a dessert buffet. 
love this glow stick chandelier via
Hang a glow stick chandelier in the party space or over the dining table. For an even more sophisticated look make all of the glow sticks one color or dual color (such as pink + yellow alternating). 
Best part - you can de-construct the chandelier at the end of the party and give them away as favors. 
image via bungalow glow

I love this neon acrylic cake topper by
Bungalow Glow .
Move aside cake bunting banners + fondant toppers!
Isnt this so much cooler?
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 i really think the re-surgence of the neon shudder shades a couple years back sparked the neon  retro 80s party decor trend. 

or was it Katy Perry's flamboyant neon outfit in the Last Friday Night video?

neon cardboard art. paint then paint over with your highlighters
image via pinterest

dont forget to add neon to your  party wardrobe :)
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bright neon washi tape on plates + a sheer neon runner can be so classy + cool
image via design sponge

perfect use of neon on neon for a bold party backdrop wall
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wrap up goodies + desserts with neon for a suddle touch
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jazz up your party furniture or room decor with lacquered neon paint.
image via apartment therapy

hope you enjoyed all things neon. So go, whip out those underused highlighters in your drawer before they dry up + make something  pretty. 

With all my party love - 


  1. What great finds you've gathered here! You may just be on the next big trend!

  2. thanks Lissa! i hope so i've certainly been seeing neon pop up everywhere!

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